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Watermark Cloud Privacy Policy

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Wuhan United Creation Technology Co., Ltd, as the provider of its registered trademark brand - Watermark Cloud(Collectively "we", and "us") fully respects the users' privacy. We are committed to protectinng your personal information and privacy. By using our website, software and service, you agree to follow this Privacy Policy. Please carefully review each terms of this policy statement.

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it and how we make use of it.

We will only obtain your information according to this Privacy Policy. We won't collect and access to any other information not covered in this policy. 

When you are not signed in to your account, we will collect the information based on the unique device you're using to guarantee the information notification. When you’re signed in, we will collect information that we store with your created Account to achieve information notification. 

This Privacy Policy applies to your using our products and service by visiting Watermark Cloud official website, accessing Watermark Cloud software development kit(SDK) and mobile application(APP). This Privacy Policy offers a clear explanation of how we collect, use, store, transmit, share, transfer(if needed) and protect your personal information. It is meant to help you check, view, delete, modify and withdraw authorization of your personal information. Please pay particular attention to your privacy rights.

  • How we collect and use personal data

  • Privacy policy and rights of using our software

  • How we store your personal information

  • How we protect your personal data

  • Manage your personal information

  • Revise terms of this privacy policy

  • Disclaimer

  • Contact us

  • Special notice

1. Personal data we collect from you

1.1.1. Acount signup and signin

a.You can register for an account of Watermark Cloud with your email address. We may collect data of your user name, email address, and password to finish creating an account.

b.When sign in with a third party account, you  will authorize us to obtain information like profile avvatar, user name, email to link your Watermark Cloud account.

1.1.2. Deleting account

a. If you request to delete your account, all your data and records with the software will be permanently deleted. We can not guarantee that all lost data can be retrieved. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by your request of deleting account.

b. Account deletion will cause the termination of rights and obligation between the two parties. We have no responsiblity for delivering any unprocessed information.

c. Once your account has been deleted, your purchased VIP membership privilleges will expire and refund is unavailable.

To delete account:

Sign in - User Center - Delete Account

1.1.3. Payment Data

When you try to purchase our products or service, we will obtain information related with your order including transaction ID, transaction value, payment time, order status, paymennt method, payment status to help you finish payment successfully, guarantee payment security, and check transaction information.

When you use a third party payment method, we will collect your personal data such as PayPal ID, credit card required to process the payment. We are unable to obtain your personal financial information and the natural identity information as well.

We obtain your personal information depending on the above circumstance. On any other circumstance, if we need to collect your information, we will require your consent again and provide you with a detailed explanation of the purposes of usinng your personal data.

1.2. How we use personal data

We are committed to providing you credible and safe products as well as excellent service. You are prohibited to use our product to do any illegal activities.

1.2.2. Device information

a.To ensure your using our product and service properly, and guarantee the security of your account, we will collect your device information including hardware model, operating system version, the unique deice indentifierIMEI, internet hardware address, and device connecting information etc.

b.Cookies and tracking

When you use our product and service, our server will automatically record and keep some information and data, such as your operating records, IP address, language, downloads, installation, visiting data, service feedback. Please note that the above content does not contain other information you shared and delivered from relevant procedure, service and other websites.

1.3. Update on information collection

It may happen that we will make changes in our Watermark Cloud product. If we make changes to our product, all relevant data and information collected before relevant will keep the same. If the purpose of collection changes, we will obtain your personal information again and ask for your permission. 

1.4. Upload image and video

To enable our Watermark Cloud process image and video, we will access to your photo album with your authorization and collect the content of your image and video. Meanwhile, you can also choose to permit or cancel the authorization by going to settings in your device. On your iOS device, you can go to settings - Privacy - Photos to disable access to your photo library. Setting it on means you allow photos access to obtain, collect and use your personal information. If you cancel the authorization, we will stop collecting such information and the customer service is no longer available.

Watermark Cloud provide service of image viewing and video playing. It requires to collect some of your information including device model, device name, device unique identifier, browser setting, language setting, operating system and mobile application version, login IP address, internet connecting method, internet quality data, mobile internet information, product version, and using records.

To collect personal device information from you, we will request to access your device with the purpose of providing you image viewing and video playing service. If you refuse to authorize, you may not be able to use our product and service. Seperate device information and log information can not identify a specific natural person. If we associate such information with other information to identify a particular natural person, we will anonymize and de-identify such personal information.

1.5. Account Security

When you use our product or service by visiting our website, software, and application, we may collect some of your personal information to guarantee the security of your account and the system safety, which will help to improve our product or service and avoid any daangerous social activities. These information includes login location, IP address,product version, device setting, AndroidID, MAC address, IMEI, IDFA, OAID,BSSID, IMSI, SSID, SimSerialNumber, software downloads list, operator information,device environment, device location(IP address, GPS, WLAN connector, Bluetooth and base station), internet connection type, internet status, internet quality, internet operation and using records. We may also collect your MAC address while you switch your product operation status into background. We may evaluate your account and transaction risk to process identity verification, provide customer service, prevent fraud and backup based on the above information and data. We may take action to record, audit,analyze,and handle. We will start security verification and exclude any risk if any risk has been found to ensure the safety of using our product and service. Meanwhile, we will collect those information to improve our service if your account or system have problems.

2. Privacy Policy and Permissions about Software Usage 

Our product is developed based on DCloud uni-app(5+ App/Wap2App). We need to collect your unique identification code(IMEI/android ID/DEVICE_ID/IDFA,SIM card IMSI information,OAID) during the application running to provide service of statistics and analysis. And we may improve better cutomer service through abnormal error log analysis.Please check more details about the Terms of Use of DCloud (https://ask.dcloud.net.cn/protocol.html)

a.To ensure the security of our software service, quality of software operation, we may collect your hardware device model,operating system versions,the international mobile equipment identity,unique device identifier,network device hardware address,IP address,WLAN connector,bluetooth,base station,software versions,network connections,network status,network connection quality,service log, to get OAID.

b.To prevent malicious programs and ensure operstion quality and efficiency, we will collect application information including installation progress,overall operation, usage frequency, application crashes, overall installation, performance data and application source.

c.We may use your account information, device information, service log information, shared information with your access permission from associated partners to determine account status, indentity verification, check and prevent security incidents.

2.1. In order to provide service to you, we will require your permission to access "camera", "Location", and "recording".

a.We will ask for your permission to access your photo library and storage to process image and video. Please turn on your phone camera.

b.We will ask for your permission to access phone camera to enable taking photos.

c.We will ask for your permission to access the software installtion list to push notification of the latest version.

d.The above permission and some sensitive permissions like camera, photo library, storage, and GPS will not be accessed by default.

We will connect with the thrid parties through application interfaces(APIs) , software development kits(SDKs) to provide you relevant functions and services. You can check the rules of using and protecting the third parties below.

a.The provider of pushing service.We will send your device platform, device manufacturer,device model,device system version,device identification code,application list, and network information to the provider and authorize them required access to ensure pushing service. 

SDK name: push

SDK kit: com.getui.gtc, com.igexin.sdk

SDK usage: UniPush push

Personal information required: network information, IMEI, Openid

Access permission: get network status, visit Wi-Fi status, read phone status and ID.

SDK Privacy Policy: https://docs.getui.com/privacy/

Integration Service + SDK provider: Beijing Ruixun Ling Tong Technology Co., Ltd. The alliance and SDK need to collection your device Mac address, unique device indentification code(IMEI/Android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID, SIM Card IMSI information) to offer statistics and analysis services, accurate calibration report and anti-cheat service.

SDK name: alliance

SDK kit: com.uc.crashsdk, com.efs,com.umeng

SDK usage: Statistics

Personal information required: network information, IMEI, Openid

Access permission: get network status, visit Wi-Fi status, read phone status and ID.

SDK Privacy Policy: https://developer.umeng.com/docs/

Tencent X5 Core

SDK name: X5 Core

SDK kit:com.tencent.tbs,com.tencent.smtt

SDK usage: X5 Core rendering webview

Personal information required: network information, IMEI, Openid

Access permission: get network status, visit Wi-Fi status, read phone status and ID.

SDK Privacy Policy: https://x5.tencent.com/docs/privacy.html

3. How we store your personal information?

We will store your personal information and data in accordance with laws and regulations of the local country. We will not store the video and picture information generated while your are using. 

3.1. Duration of Information Storage

Watermark Cloud will store the collected personal data in the duration of the fulfilment of our contractual relationship or legal obligations. Your sent message, posted comments, likes or other related information will be stored if you do not cancel or delete them. After the necessary period is exceeded, we will delete or anonymize your personal information except situations stipulated by laws and regulations.

4. How we protect your personal information

a.We attach great importance to the security of your personal information and will strive to take reasonable security measures (including technical and management aspects) to protect your personal information and prevent your personal information you provided from being improperly used or accessed, leaked, modified, damaged, lost without authorization. At present, Watermark Cloud has passed the evaluation and filing of the National Information Security.

b.We will protect your personal information with encryption technology, anonymization processing and relevant reasonable method to prevent malicious attacks on your personal information. 

c.We will establish a dedicated security department and formulate security management system to ensure the security of your personal information. We adopt a strict data use and access system to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your personal information, and conduct security audits on data and technology in due course.

d.You know and understand that the system and communication network you used and accessed may have problems due to factors beyond our control. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take active measures to protect the security of your personal information, including but not limited to using complex passwords, changing passwords regularly, and not disclosing your account password and related personal information to others.

e.We will formulate emergency response plans, and immediately activate emergency plans when user information security incidents occur, and strive to prevent the impact and consequences of these security incidents from expanding. 

Once a user information security incident (disclosure, loss) occurs, we will promptly inform you in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations of that the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, the disposal measures we have taken or will take, and your own protection and advice on risk reduction, remedies for you. We will promptly inform you of the event-related situation through push notifications, emails, letters, text messages and other related forms. When it is difficult to inform you one by one, we will take reasonable and effective ways to issue announcements. At the same time, we will also offer the handling report report in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulatory authorities.

f.Once you close Watermark Cloud and do not use our service, browse or use other websites and products, we will have no ability and obligation to protect the information your submitted on software and websites outside of our services, regardless of your login, browsing or using the above software or website.

5. Management of your personal information

We value the management of your personal information, we will try best to protect your rights to query, access, modify, delete, withdraw consent authorization, delete account, complain, and set privacy to ensure the security of your privacy and information. 

Notice of cessation of operation

If we stop operating, we will stop collecting your personal information in time, notify you of the cessation of operation with notification one by one, and delete or anonymize your personal information.

6. Notice of Privacy Policy Revision

a.In order to provide you with better services, Watermark Cloud and related services will be updated and changed from time to time. We will revise this Privacy Policy in due course. These revisions constitute a part of this Privacy Policy and have the same effect as this Privacy Policy. Without your consent, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy currently in effect.

b.After this Privacy Policy is updated, we will update Watermark Cloud to the latest version and remind you of the updated content through an announcement on the official website or other appropriate means before the updated terms take effect, so that you can get a better knowledge of the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

7.Content can not be processed

a.Currently, the dynamic watermarks and mosaics can not be removed.

b.The watermark covering in the middle part of the picture/video and the full screen can not achieve the effect that does not degrade the quality of the original picture or video.

c.The text watermarks in the background image can not be removed to the effect that keep the original quality of the image.

8. Disclaimer

Watermark Cloud does not assume any responsibility for network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or reasons beyond the control of Watermark Cloud, but will try our best to reduce the loss and impact caused to you and ensure its stability and security.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us for support.

Official website: https://www.watermarkcloud.com/

Email: support@watermarkcloud.com

Address: Room 501, Block 3, Haomai Building, Science Park of Wuhan University, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

The copyright of this privacy policy is owned by us, and we have the right to interpret and modify it with the permission of law.

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