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The Best Free App to Remove Background from Photo

Release date:2023-04-27 16:23 Author:admin Views:410

One of the main reasons to erase the background from an original image is to make the key content stand out. Creators and photo editors remove unwanted objects, animals, people, or any other item from the picture to make it more appealing, improve quality and be professional. Unfortunately, not everyone is conversant with the process of background removal in images and that is where AI-enabled tools for background removal come in. They make the process easy and hassle-free.

Watermark Cloud Background Remover App

This is a free background remover app web-based and offline software and application that allows users to remove unwanted objects from the background of their images. The tool automatically detects any unwanted objects in the background and erases them. Such objects include cars, people, objects, animals, or any other item.

Watermark Cloud App has been designed for use in Android devices and works as online software for the removal of unwanted objects from a picture. It cuts out any objects on the background of the image to make it transparent. This background eraser app allows the user to then tweak the background as they wish.

The application has an inbuilt AI algorithm that allows it to detect and auto-remove any objects in the background of an image. The robust intelligent image cutout within the application also clears backgrounds online. You can remove the background on various image formats including gif, jpg, jpeg, png, and webp.


Use Watermark Cloud Free App to Remove Background from Photos in Android Mobile

Follow the below steps to remove the background from photos using thebest background remover app on your Android phone. The application is AI-enabled and will trace any unwanted objects on the background of the image and then remove it to retain a transparent, white, or clear background. The process usually takes less than 3 seconds.

Step 1-Upload the Image

Launch the application on your smart device and select the picture you want to erase in the background.


Step 2-Erase the Background

Click Start Cutout and the app will detect and remove the unwanted objects from the background of the image. This results in a transparent background.


Step 3-Save your Image

The background removal process is completed, and you can now download your final image and save it in a preferred folder on your device.

Before and After

In this example, you can note that the original image had a blue sky with some clouds. The application has erased this and replaced it with a clear sky as you can see in the second image.



Tools that help erase background images allow designers, photographers, and site owners to amplify the look and feel of their products. Additionally, it is a proven way of boosting conversion rates, revenues, and sales. A practical app to remove background from photo such as the Watermark Cloud app is widely used due to its user-friendliness, functionality, and efficiency. You can download the application and follow the above simple steps to remove unwanted objects on image backgrounds. You can also use the online software without downloading the application.