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The Best Free App to Remove Unwanted Objects from Photo

Release date:2023-04-21 14:10 Author:admin Views:332

Perhaps you have come across photos that appear flawless and with clear and epic backgrounds. These are not magical pics by any means. You can easily eliminate unwanted objects, watermarks, or texts from a picture using AI-enabled applications and tools. With such tools, you eliminate objects that make your photography less professional and uninviting.

You can choose to remove unwanted objects from a photo for various reasons. For starters, you might want to showcase your product in the best possible way. And to attain this, the critical areas of the product should be exhibited clearly. These are the features of the product that your intended audiences need to see. The app to remove things from photos will help direct the attention of your buyers to these specific features.

Tools for Removing Objects from Photos

Object removal from the background of a photo may seem to be a difficult task as prior tools and applications made it seem so. You had to define the unwanted objects in your image, earmark it, delete it, and then fill up the space with the desirable background.

The AI-enabled Watermark Cloud free app to remove unwanted objects from photo will make all that easy and fast. A practical one is the Watermark Cloud App, a highly recommended tool for removing unwanted objects from a picture.

Some of the key functions and features of the Watermark Cloud App in Android include its inbuilt AI algorithm that detects and automatically removes background objects. It boasts an intelligent image cutout that helps to clear the background online. Finally, it supports a number of image formats that include gif, png, webp, jpeg, and jpg.

How to Use Watermark Cloud App to Remove Unwanted Objects from photos in Android mobile?

The application with the help of smart AI will remove unwanted objects from the background of your image in Android phone within 3 seconds or less. You will get a final image that has a white, transparent, or customized backdrop. Follow the below steps to remove objects on the image background:

Step 1-Launch the Application and Upload the Image

Launch the Watermark Cloud on your android phone and select Background Remover. Click on Upload to choose the picture you want to clear the background.

watermark-cloud-object-remover-app.png watermark-cloud-object-remover-app-upload-photo.png

Step 2-Remove Background

Click Start Cutout and the application will automatically detect any unwanted objects on the background and erase them. The resulting background should be transparent.

Step 3-Process Completed

The application will complete background removal and the final image can be downloaded and saved on your device. You can choose to save the image in an album within the application or save it to a folder in your smart device.

The original image has a green surrounding background. On the final image, the application has erased the background.


You can use the Watermark Cloud App to remove any unwanted objects from your photos. The AI-powered remove object from photo app makes the process easy and effortless since it has the capability of detecting and removing identified areas naturally. It can remove background marks, scratches, text, objects, and any other unwanted clutter in your photography.