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Effective Way to Erase Photo Background

Release date:2023-01-12 16:06 Author:admin Views:564

More and more people like to keep lovely pets. Many people even regard their pets as their family or friends. Everyone also likes to take photos of their pets to record happy moments. But what should you do if you don't like your pet photos with too messy backgrounds? Some people have faced the same dilemma! This article will be of great help to you. As long as you read this tutorial carefully, you can master the effective way to erase photo background.

Photo to be edited 


Part One: Watermark Cloud Background Remover

Watermark Cloud is a very professional image and video processing tool. It can easily erase the photo background and let you get rid of the trouble of the picture background. More importantly, Watermark Cloud provides users with online operation tools to cut background out of photo, which is very convenient!

Erase Photo Background

You can upload the image to Watermark Cloud, which will successfully help you erase the photo background.

Erase photo background 


Part Two: How to Erase Photo Background

The process of using the Watermark Cloud to get rid of background in photo is very simple. It only needs five steps.


Step1: Enter Watermark Cloud  Official Website

First, you can directly enter the official interface of Watermark Cloud and click "Upload", and you will see many features of Watermark Cloud.

Watermark Cloud official website 

Watermark Cloud software 

Step2: Click “Intelligent matting”

To erase the photo background, you can directly click "Intelligent matching".

Click “Intelligent matting” 

Step3: Upload Image to be Edited

Next, you can upload the image in the local file to the Watermark Cloud.

+Add Pictures 

Upload picture to be edited 

Step4: Start to Erase Photo Background

After uploading the picture, you just need to move your mouse to click "Start Cutout", and Watermark Cloud can help you cut the background out of photo.

Start to erase photo background

 Step5: Save New Image

Watermark Cloud will generate a new image for you, and the new image will also be automatically saved in your local file.

Save new image

New photo without background

Part Three: Cut Background out of Photo Easily

In addition to Watermark Cloud, there are many tools on the market that can cut background out of photo. You can access the official interface of Adobe Express through this link: https: https://www.adobe.com/express/ . Then, you can upload the picture to be edited to Adobe Express according to the prompt, which can help you get rid of background in photo.

Adobe Express official website 


Remove background from image

Part Four: Conclusion

If you also want to erase photo background fast and easily, you can register a Watermark Cloud account. In addition to erase photo background, the Watermark Cloud can also help you quickly remove the watermark in the image or video, extract the audio in the video, etc. Such rich functions have attracted many users. Come and experience it!