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How to Remove Black Background from Image?

Release date:2023-01-15 15:23 Author:admin Views:377

Many people like to save some wonderful photos on some material websites for PPT or other purposes. But the pictures on some material websites only have pure black background, which will make many users feel very monotonous. Many people say that they want to remove black background from image, but they lack effective methods. This article will introduce you to a professional black background removal: Watermark Cloud.

Image with black background


Part One: Watermark Cloud Background Remover

Watermark Cloud is a very professional image and video processing tool, which has very rich functions. In addition to removing the black background from image, it can also easily remove the text, emojis, objects or other watermarks in the video or image. It is because of its powerful functions that it attracts many users to register.

Remove Black Background from Image

With the help of Watermark Cloud, you can easily remove black background online as long as you follow the steps in this article.

Remove black background from image 


Part Two: How to Remove Black Background

The process of removing black watermark using Watermark Cloud is simpler than in. It only needs five steps to help you remove the black background.


Step1: Enter Watermark Cloud Official Website

First of all, you can directly enter the official interface of Watermark Cloud and click "Upload". You will see the various functions of Watermark Cloud, which can meet most of the users' needs.

Watermark Cloud official website 

Watermark Cloud's functions 

Step2: Click"Background Remover"

The layout of the Watermark Cloud function interface is very clear. It is divided into several core functions. To remove the black background, you only need to click "Background Remover".



Step3: Upload Image to be Edited

Next, you can upload the image in the local file to the Watermark Cloud.

+Add Pictures

Upload image with black background 

Step4: Click "Start Cutout"

After uploading the image, you can click "Start Cutout" according to the instructions in the image, and the Watermark Cloud will help you remove the black image background.


Step5: Create New Image

Watermark Cloud will create a new image for you in a very short time. This image without a black background will be automatically saved in your local file.

Create new image 


Part Three: Image Editor to Remove Black Background Online

In addition to Watermark Cloud, there are also some popular tools to remove the black image background on the market. You can access it through this link:https://www.remove.bg/Remove bg is a very simple black background removal. You don't need to download any software, you just need to upload the image to Remove bg, which can easily help you remove unwanted black background.

Remove black background 

Upload image  

Remove black background 


Part Four: Conclusion

The Watermark Cloud can not only remove the black image background, but also remove people, text or other watermarks on the image. In addition, the Watermark Cloud can also allow users to add text or other watermarks to images or videos. In short, the function of Watermark Cloud can meet most of the needs of many people. Come and register a Watermark Cloud account!