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How Can I Remove Text from Video Fast and Easily?

Release date:2022-11-28 15:11 Author:admin Views:616

Many of us, while surfing the Internet, find that many videos contain unwanted text, which can affect our visual experience. Many people are looking to remove unwanted text after saving some videos. Like the picture in the video below, the text can affect the beauty of the picture. So how do you get rid of them quickly? Follow this article to find out!

 Video with unwanted watermark

If you want to view the full video, you can click this link to do so: https://youtu.be/A23vJOj0DlA


Part One: Watermark Cloud Watermark Remover

Watermark Cloud is a comprehensive tool for removing watermarks. It is very powerful and can easily remove watermarks from pictures or videos, such as text, people, objects, words or emojis.

Remove Unwanted Text from Video

When you have text in your video that you want to remove, you can upload the video to the Watermark Cloud and remove the annoying watermarks as described in this article.

Remove unwanted text from video

Part Two: How to Remove Unwanted Watermarks

Watermark Cloud is a very simple and fast way to remove watermarks. In just six steps, you can remove them.

Step1: Visit Watermark Cloud Official Website

You can enter the official website of Watermark Cloud first, then click "Upload", you can see the menu interface of Watermark Cloud. You can see that Watermark Cloud is very rich in features that can help you solve a lot of trouble.

Watermark Cloud Official Website

Waternark Cloud software

Step2: Click "Video Watermark Remover"

Next, you can click on the first box in the figure below. This is the function prompt to remove video watermark.

Video Watermark Remover

Add video

Step3: Upload Video with Unwanted Watermark

Next, you can upload the video you want to process from the local file to the Watermark Cloud.

Upload video with unwanted watermark

Step4: Select Unwanted Watermark Area

After uploading the video, you can play the video to find the watermark and click pause. Next, move your mouse to select the watermark area.

Find watermark

Select watermark area

Step5: Remove Unwanted Watermark

After selecting the watermark area to remove, you only need to click "Start", and the watermark cloud can quickly remove tzhese unwanted words for you.

Start to remove watermark

Step6: Save New Video

Watermark Cloud can quickly remove unwanted watermarks for you, and then you can save the new video in a local file.

 Save new video

Part Three: Conclusion

New video will look even better without the annoying text watermark. If you need to remove the watermark in the future, you can use the Watermark Cloud to get rid of the trouble. Watermark Cloud has both online operation tools and software that can be downloaded and used. Come and try it!